Technical equipment of Extra Auto Transport is at a high level. The company has equipment and transport vehicles of well-known manufacturers: Mercedes, Scania, Komatsu, Claas, Holmer, Ropa and others.

All our equipment and transport vehicles is handled and regularly serviced by highly qualified licensed workmen, and they constantly take care of their technical correctness.


  • Komatsu,
  • Liebherr,
  • Daewoo,...
Total 20 units
From 18t to 46t


  • Catepilar,
  • Hitachi,
  • New Holland...
Total 10 units
From 18t to 31t


  • New Holland,
  • Samsung,
  • Hitachi.
Total 20 units
From 16t to 45t


  • Atlas,
  • Hamm,
  • Bomag
Total 5 units
From 8t to 20t

Asphalt base

Capacity: 100 t / h

Combined machine - JCB

Total 4 units


  • Man,
  • Volvo,
  • Scania
Total 70 units


  • New Holland
Total 2 units

Wirtgen WR 240

Machine for cement stabilization.

Wirtgen WR 2000

Machine for cement stabilization.


  • Unimog,
  • Mercedes
Total 2 units

Ropa Tiger

Combine for the sugar beet harvest.
  • Bunker 30t,
  • Digger na 45-50cm,
  • Capacity up to 30 ha/day,
The possibility of working in extremely difficult conditions caused by heavy rains. Option: variable header, integral with leaf destroyer
Total 4 units

Ropa Euro Maus

The most modern combined purifiers loaders sugar beet, with the ability to work in all conditions. Speed cleaning and loading 30t / 5min
Total 2 units


It has the possibility of combining with connecting devices, pallet, loading bucket, lifts for loading bales, and others. Arms length 7.5m to 13 m.
Total 4 units

Transport Vehicles

Vehicles for city transport.
  • 1 to 5 euro pallets


3D system for machine automation